Dead Man Wonderland was a professional wrestling event held on March 22, 2015. It was the inaugural event in a series of eponymous wrestling shows.


No. Results Stipulations Rating
1* Yukiteru Amano won a 20-man Battle Royal 20-man Battle Royal *1/4
2 Makimachi Misao def. Yuno Gasai by Count Out Singles Match **
3 The Valentine Brothers (c) def. Boma and Togusa Tag Team Match for the ACW Tag Team Championship ***1/2
4 Alexei def. Ashitaka by Pinfall Singles Match ***3/4
5 Clare and Raki (c) def. Marco and Ai Mixed Tag Match for the ACW Mixed Tag Team Championship ***
6 Zelda Hyrule def. Priscilla Yoki by DQ Singles Match ****
7 Alucard vs. Gannondorf ended in a No-Contest Singles Match **1/2
8 San def. Minene Uryu (c) by DQ Singles Match for the ACW Women's Championship **1/4
9 Kenshin Himura (c) def. Hideo Kuze Singles Match for the ACW World Championship **3/4
  • = Dark Match before the Event


All feuds would continue after the event. Boma and Togusa would take on the Valentine Brothers in singles matches on ACW Adrenaline. Alucard and Gannondorf would continue their feud of one up-manship. Money made from the event would be used to fund American Championship Wrestling's new television show: ACW Exhibition